Protetiko sets a new standard for prosthetic orders. We have looked at the processes, we have seen the weaknesses, and we have created the solution: A digital collaboration platform for dental clinics and dental labs.

Today dental prosthetics are ordered, produced, and delivered via pen and paper processes. These processes are riddled with errors and misinterpretations, leading to wasted time and increased cost for all parties involved: clinics, labs and not least patients. Order fulfilment defect rates are very high and require patients to visit the dentist more times than necessary. On a higher level, clinics and dental enterprises need to move with the times and digitize. A digital platform for the supply chain is the only way forward, and Protetiko does not only solves the day-to-day management of prosthetic ordering, but also provides tools for analysis, forecasting and quality control – among other features.


Common errors and waste of time & materials can be avoided using our solution.

Welcome to the new standard. With Protetiko you will get all in order.


Joakim Fong

CEO & Sales


David Sennerlöv



Christian Hemle

VP Transportation & Logistics

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Joakim Fong

CEO & Sales