Our Product

Protetiko is a digital collaboration platform for dental clinics and dental labs. Work more efficiently with a joint digitized workflow for prosthetics dentistry.


Is an open cloud-based system, that can be integrated towards other systems that the clinics use. The platform also offers an analytics suite for monitoring and streamlining the business. Through this collaboration platform, Protetiko offers clinics, dental care enterprises and dental labs a digital service that can support them in their efforts to offer the best possible dental care for their patients. With Protetiko you can get all in order.

Save time

Work efficient with standardized and optimized workflows. We designed Protetiko to be fast and intuitive to use.

Protetiko was built for you, to handle the day-to-day workflow with prosthetics order with ease. Save time trough a fast and streamlined process.

Improve Quality

We guide the dentist through the ordering process, ensuring the lab has adequate details for quality production. 

With Protetiko you collect all files, images and order details in one place, and we guide you through the process of creating an prosthetics order. With all information in a single place it is easier and faster for the lab to produce quality work.

Gain Insight

Get an overview of all prosthetic jobs currently in the pipeline, and analyse past performance.

For the first time you can gain insights and data regarding your prosthetics workflow. Are you labs cost efficient? Is the quality at an industry standard or better? 

Data is at the foundation of our business, let it be a part of yours to.

Get Organized

Collect all information and files regarding a treatment in one single place and share that with the lab.

Protetiko is a single stop for all information sharing with your lab. Attach images, 3D scans, treatment plans and other details with each order and share this securely with your lab.

Have a question on an order or need to clarify some details? No problem, communicate efficiently with your lab through Protetiko. And sync that conversion later to your patient journal system.




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