Do you have an innovative solution for the dental industry? Protetiko cooperates with leading companies and organisations that contribute to delivering better dental care. Contact us to find out more about our collaboration solutions!


Is an open cloud-based system, that can be integrated towards other systems that clinics and labs use. The platform also offers an analytics suite for monitoring and streamlining the business. Through this collaboration platform, Protetiko offers clinics, dental care enterprises and dental labs a digital service that can support them in their efforts to offer the best possible dental care for their patients.
With Protetiko you can get all in order.

Dental Mammoth

Clinical Decision Support in Dentistry 
Gain access to clinical guidance at your fingertips, directly in Protetiko.


Better for them. Better for you.
Continue your digitalization journey and connect you 3Shape scanner directly to Protetiko.


Patient management system for the modern clinic.
Seamlessly bring your patients from Frenda patient management system directly into Protetiko for a faster workflow.

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